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Conversion Affiliates – Casino Affiliate Program is the product of a real collection of innovative talent. It’s the culmination of 28 years of experience to be exact. In such a young industry, that’s a lot to experience to pack into one office!
We’re the kind of affiliate program that recognizes the affiliate’s place as the backbone of the market, and rewards that appropriately.
The most important talent of this industry lies in the minds of our affiliates. Their strategies, ideas, innovation and thirst for growth is what drives us all forward. So our main objective is always to help that grow, flourish and develop in the best way it can.
So if you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that we’re talking about you. You can be certain that we’ve got your back!

Your Traffic is more valuable with us!

Our affiliate centred approach puts player value, retention and conversion strategies above all else. That means every click you send has a much higher chance of conversion with us than anywhere else online.
Not only that, our retention team is packed full of talent with an incredible track record of retaining the bulk of any player base. That means the players you send are very likely to stick around earning you awesome commissions month after month.
Combined with some of the most competitive commission structures on the web, Conversion Affiliates offers a real powerhouse of earning power focused towards you.
Our dedicated account managers act as the glue to make sure that great traffic, great conversion strategy and excellent retention tactics always marry up correctly ensuring maximum effect.

What we stand for – Why you should stand with us

Affiliates often get a hard time in this industry. Late payments, restrictive terms and conditions and poor service all have their part to play in the bad practice handbook.
Conversion Affiliates stands for the opposite of those things.
This industry is growing more rapidly than ever and we’re here to offer a home to affiliates of old and new.
We stand for fair terms, player value, growth encouragement, dedicated service, reliable payments and innovation.
That means NO negative carry over and certainly no affiliate restricting terms.
We think of ourselves as the future of casino affiliation. So please, do the right thing with your traffic…
And experience the future, today.